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Wedding Sale versus Summer Sale

In life, bargains have very important place. In market similarly concessions play an important role to attract attention. In finding a board of SALE placed somewhere at any corner of the advertising board of shop or of any capitalising stock is like finding cherry as a topping on the cake to be the first to pick and relish the whole bit by bit, but indeed grabbing decked cherries on the icing of the cake is the privilege, at which all eyes swarming around to shop or around the cake in celebration of their rejoicing temptations. So SALE in the same way captures the weak point of the ghost of concession to satisfying the tempters from the salesperson, to save their skin before being an appetiser to the ghostly competition that could lead petty seller to Gates of Hades and even there the Cerberus asks for commission to let be lifeless corpse first then to face the God of Hades that is Pluto.
When I ventured to understand the envy between two most lucrative selling marketing products that is wedding garments with accessories in comparison to summer light to wear happy go lucky garments, with nothing such pompous to adorn, I felt had the market ever thought about why always desire and dream always at crossing??

The reason is simple wedding apparel of all privileged class in desire tempts for embellished accessories, while the ten times more the summer clothes invite fashionista and invoke ignited wings of dreams to be fulfilled, without checking of any formalities of convention and customised order.
How I got into this construct, it’s very interesting!!! Once a group of ladies collected to play the game of “TAMBOLA”, it also means Housie played by women in Kitty club parties. . All had been distributed with two tickets. The numbers and lines and boxes of the respective two tickets got nomenclature out of their today reminders of ladies' wardrobe. One ticket named as Summer Sale — if all its numbers announced and if any of the player have got all the announced numbers ticked mark as the first one to declare completing the house of the particular ticket out of any of the two, indeed would be the owner of the money again, which had been used for purchasing the tickets, means the purchaser paid hundred rupees to buy both the tickets — out of which one respectively titled as the 🌞🏖️Summer Sale against the other 👰💍🤵💒Wedding Sale. The actual creativity that got unleashed when each line (means three lines in a ticket) got further classified with the variety of apparel worn during wedding occasions such as Kurtis, saree, lengha, poshak, sharara, etc. And within those three lines, some other categories conceptualised for example - if there are two double numbers together in the middle line in the midst - then it is a "couple" ! If all numbers of the corners of a Wedding Sale ticket got the first ticked mark by a player, immediately the player had to announce not as the “corners” done, instead to announce the “orchestra” done.
When the same pattern followed for the Summer Sale ticket - there were all three lines titled as - blue jeans, shots, capri, dangri. When the first three columns horizontal numbers got first marked by any player, they needed to announce “hair-do”, while if the last three columns were marked, then they need to quickly raise to say Scarf-knot . If the two middle numbers in the midst of a ticket are marked first, they need to announce “goggles”. If all corners are marked first, to be said as “florals”.
Point is the ladies who are customers of the selling market of “Wedding Sale” and “Summer Sale” - perceive the same not as SALE, but a pattern of difference and deference, a pattern of desire and dream, a pattern of relish and love, a pattern of charm and carefree. But to the sales person the same market of respective "sales" is more than fun. It could be a stepping ladder of charismatic marketing or it is a matter to stoop to conquer the market by knowing where and when the market with its sales could be the cause of neighbour’s envy or could be a cause of neighbour’s role in promoting a prompte.
Let’s understand the same with another example the difference and deference from the cultural perspective between these two kinds of "Sales". Suppose a beloved is a source of heart-appealing sentiments to a birdwatcher, hunter or a poet; while the same beloved who is a woman too also is instrumental to raise desire, dream and doldrums in that same birdwatcher, but perhaps for the hunter it is not any of that thing, instead a good medium of fortunes and future prospects. The poet who has an insight to catch the urges of not only beloved, but also unlike or alike all the suitors or viewers, the poet’s luck is at stake in winning or losing that beloved. The liar’s paradox — beloved is like a Sale - if it has charm of glamour and splendour then personifies the best choice; if the beloved has the luck and love in her kitty, then personifies the queen of cups and queen of wands. Similarly the Wedding Sale always due to its scintillating sparks conjoins gorgeous and glossy appealing phenomena to the body contours of femininity in an embodied gaze, while the Summer Sale due to its casting couch glance captures body contours with an attraction and appearance of femininity in Mespace.
So the prowess of gaze always competes to create Mespace, subsequently raises envy - for the lovers — one who believe their gaze can be the tranqualizer to relish the ornamental decorum of the bond that perhaps implies a sort of discount to drape the love for the body and lover of the body in consequence to the influence of fulfilling wishes vouches to codify the “Bliss and the Blessing” of a lifestyle that portrays without once decked in wedding clothes the entangled bodies cannot symbolise better off status in marital spell or in the casket of choices to win love, so Wedding Sales are very much dramatically significant to attest the sentiments of gaze. .
While the prowess of intense bond donnes its fervour of attachment to the spirited bodies with the dawn of morning to catch up with the lightness of streaming smiling life ahead in everyday aspects as well as with regular mundane aspects. No doubt has the hasty search to scuffle the trousseau that gets opened the day after the first lustful honeymoon night to search such a kind of apparel that floats cooling effect in the ardent relationship and spreads smell of free air that tends to sensous instincts with pangs and passion, then with ostentious abstention.

🌞🏖️Summer Sale of clothes whether to a normal commoner or to a goer or to a privileged or to an unprivileged evoke an enchantment of freaking togetherness out of the contained zone that represents ornamental lovable courteous impressions of 👰💍🤵💒👰💍🤵💒👰💍🤵💒Wedding Sale that intended to be prolonged in a wedlock by way of precocious nature of wedding trousseau that got prepared to consummate the ceremony.

Wedding Sales in that preparation is a matter of greater force of craziness, which is in complete contrast to the understanding and fondness for Summer Sales.
Do you think such enchantment matters to lovers and LOVE-LORNS?? To optimise closeness, Wedding Sales projects exotic sensuality, while Summer Sales suggests equitable sexuality. Have you ever understood how cutting edge both kinds of sales or both kinds of love optimises the “cult of addiction” instead of adding natural “canonization of love” - if they are in desire of something, but thinking how to surrender their whole in candid projection??

To sum up the aforementioned content in third thoughts - Summer Sale invites interactive space, indoor space and outdoor space. Summer Sales are not time-bound. They are with an attitude to be more a casanova. While Wedding Sales that impose their pretentiousness of course is an expressive persona, but attempts to be coquettishly floundering around or centering itself with its exorbitant extravaganza. About the same in gist an interpretation can be — how love of both actually matters to a free-spirited buyer whose intentions get in flux with a changing day and a chance at night.

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