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Long Live Slava 🇺🇦Ukraine's Spirit of 🆓Freedom

What does Slava Ukraini mean and what is the response?

How Restoration is the Road to Victory

And what is the response to Slava Ukraini?

Quite perturbed when we like an atheist asks our own two inner voices exist inside our heart and mind - one good the concerned and the other bad the indifferent - where is our God the Saviour? Where are our Defenders the Saviour?

When we see Brave Heroes of Ukraine saving their country to survive war - we find BOTH in ONE - the saviour and the defender as GOD.

Again another perturbing question then - as an atheist to others' mind and heart same question - Why then God as Saviour show us 😈? Why then as Defenders we get killed by 😈? - Does Evil exist as an anti-theist or as atheist or as pagan or as heathen or as omen or as a challenge to test the might is power of GOD and the DEFENDER?

Basically as homo sapiens the pride, nihilism, narcissism etc. have been so well genetically inherited that humans behave from only two aspects as per magnetic capacity or theory of globe - that is right vs left; north vs South etc. therefore we are either defenders or offenders; But we cannot be the breakers of cosmic laws otherwise human laws are mere like wishing from God - let us win or let us win or let us win - as defenders and as offenders. Prayer 🙏🙌🙌 to God, the Defender may be strong to save all from temptation, evil, agony..

Slava Ukrainian 🇺🇦 🙏.

The belief always works through the body and its Constitution, just as human laws work through preamble and its Constitution, similarly the universe and ecology targets the temptation and the vulnerable both, to fulfill its constitutional needs and balances. This is all like a magnetic spell.

The human mind is so strongly intelligent to save or destroy something. Why till date there is war going on? Because of the division of the human mind, in great strength; it is acting poles apart due to its existence in large numbers of cloning favouring different ideology or sides, unless all will be in one focus, the war cannot be over.

That cloning unless it is encroached, there is no solution to stop it to thrive.

World War I and, World War II had been in the same thought process of rat race following certain allies, groups, crowds, swarms of thoughts, and ideologies. There when encryption of warring parties got encroached, then only Wars could be stopped.

In what way is international humanitarian law in dormant state? #law How is Human Rights Watch totally invisible to be as frontiers in such cases? #humanrights Why could not the International Commiserate of the Red Cross prevent such obstacles? Why does exodus appear always as a symbolic warning that all authority of mankind is failing upon their own mankind?

Do you think that war and peace go together, or can be clapped using both hands - as manmade dimensions - so until another calamity will not savour the taste of both - war and peace can never be on the negotiating table.

When this predicament is out of hands of manmade or womanmade dimensions - war will continue for vindication of rights.

When this predicament will lead to the last catastrophic cries, then only there will be the last outcry against continuity of war.

When finally another calamity will not attempt to restore human understanding about the futility of war and the hollowness of fight until the last breath with men, power and weapons, there will be no peace.

That is why George Orwell, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, John Carlyle etc. emerged in their contemporary times from the best blessed teachings of their mothers or mentors, so that the human world could see IT age, digital world, robotics, etc. later in the years of twentieth century.

Hope mindfulness may prevail to understand the poetic truth of the Wasteland that kills human emotions of both good ones and bad ones on/in their heart.
#digital #mindfulness #power #robotics

Terror Controlling Children’s Space in Kitchen and at Bedtime

Definitely no spare of mercy to the cruelty and butchery. How is the life of a demon/s longer than the life of the people in the garden of innocence? #people
We can from far off lands pray to stop the war, but this whole situation from every day to day reports of demonized threat and hell tell tales which used to be narrated in bedtime stories to kids, so to learn the power of saviour, the power of being powerful, the power of survivor. #power
Now the kids in collective sense effervescently in that state of marginalised predicament for them now even those bedtime stories are no more fiction, but the truth of horror that demon comes and everyday needs one or more than one child to satisfy its hunger and bloodthirsty feast upon #kids.

who is #responsible? don’t u think such a scenario in a big or small sense prevails in every region of the world? when it is - Russian War-Mongerers and Bloodthirsty -attackers why will they hesitate to do so? The World is to be happy out of all 😔sorrows and need to find the good way to circulate the risk the young Ukrainian kids are in 💛👍Be they be in #happiness!!


Role of Personas and Astrology in War — Configuration — A Possible Way to Bring Climate Change in Work Zones

Two strong zodiac AIR signs of the same group are in opposition who cannot win unless good sweet fire signs are listened to and brought in to make peace🙏 and 😇 the peace plan to bring reconciliation should be by the earthly calm zodiac signs of a few of the world leaders.
🙊🙈🙉🦉🦉🦉🦉 I hope the world should find some lighter aspects of intense crisis by understanding the surrealist psyche of Mr Putin and the naturalist psyche of the President Zelensky of Ukraine. Moreover we have in between two #leaders, a Gemini sir sign the President the Hon'ble Mr Xi Ping of zodiac sign of the same group again, who as usual cannot be dependent on the same butterflies of his zodiac Air sign group, uses his mind and confuse all.

Indeed it is, a known fact that in the world Air Signs are the best advanced group for not being pragmatic or progressive but instead of creating a fantastic world of whirlpool in which if ones get fixed, it is difficult to be out without the other group of zodiac signs.

Sometimes Astrology, Astronomy and Theology, Epistemology, Ontology also need to intervene in understanding why three zodiac signs of the same AIR sign are in entanglement currently. Please Resolve their being entrapped. And the most decent among all three Air signs is Aquarius our loving #leader Zelensky who is to be freed from his own group of cosmic AIR zodiac sign energetic enemies, especially straight forth leader Libra the air #Zodiac sign - Mr Putin Uncle who strong headedly mismanaging his own group of AIR signs.


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