Jayshree Singh
2 min readSep 26, 2023
The Glance🥰 ❣️at Par

Two owls the chosen ones on one birch,
Two owls with one birch to perch,
Two owls at par still on one birch,
then what’s the use of one chosen birch,
Two owls are still offset on the birch,
Two owls stare seems void in search
Two owls yet in search to perch
Two owls yet still in look on the chosen birch.

Two owls head to cross the bar in search

Two owls’ heart of stone ring in their search

Two owls’ heart of chance ring out their search

Two owls’ heart of being ahead hold the perch

Two owls yet not shun weak thread of bond though on same birch

Two owls yet not shun their space on the birch

Two owls chance of success yet in parch

Two owls charge of genius not yet quite in parch

Two owls as strangers in moonbeams’ arch

Two owls rest not in moonlight arch

Two owls' belief seems to catch delight of March

Two owls’ strides seem to seal their March

Two owls are not together to catch up their March

Two owls bar their interest on birch

Two owls respect eachother perch on birch

Two owls sail in the same boat of birch

Two owls merge with each other’s company on birch

Two owls are quite in question about their search

Two owls have yet to stake their search

Two owls’ engine of life rejoices in perch!

Two owls' stakes not yet in lurch!

Two owls' yet not ghosting in lurch!

Two owls yet apart to conjoin their own search!

Two owls’ sigh awhile the swings of their perch!

Two owls seem to mark their love living on birch!!

Two owls live their likeness on the blessed birch!

Two owls cool to wait for springtime falling in March!

Two owls hope to seek laurels of likeness in March!!

Two owls in destiny of theirs set to fix March!

Two owls soar up the bar to enjoy nature’s birch,

Two owls seek the grace of speaking 🌳🌲birch to perch,

Two owls 🦉🦉relish the test of the time until the month of March!!🫸🫷

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