Jayshree Singh
2 min readJun 18, 2023


Why does it appear spooky as if some remoting sensing failed in its attempt so the actual sender of the picture of a persona seemed to get away with its headpiece barred to get linked with the royal blue but blurred collar neckline of the shirt or t-shirt, moreover found bumped or stuck parallelly in the dark trunk of 🌳🌴🌴??? Where are vowing amazing boxing ✋✋hands? Why is there only one hand so feebly in gloves of a boxer rising from the natural ring of the boxing ground???? Why has one got oneself clicked from some non-sensical junk of camera lens with no sense of photoshoot Or photo adobe to edit???? How could the photo catcher fail to focus like a birdwatcher and take in void the person’s full straight back with no head at least. Leave it from the front, why did not the fondness of being clicked want to send this good one as his in the same backdrop in the same performing vizing boxing flimsy glimpse of one hand from the side??? . 😱🙈😏😞🤯😳🤬😡🥵🫥😦😦👎👎🙀 To tell the truth who can imagine is this the boxing photo of a boxer spirited cultured sportsman Or is it the half-found lost portrait picture, if looking early morning without spectacles in dim lighted room just after getting up to look into the mobile this sent picture, one will keep doing mobile screen upside down many times what’s this damn picture, why in a tilted form two white sticks in lamp-post shown from back and sent to the user in what’s app, using perhaps flash to click the photo. The most important is the encircling Royal Blue collar with no head of the inventive brain, but with the head of the tree trunk seem to be the newly invented idea of the inventive brain, yet constant viewing still gives a surprise why would it be sent to interpret what🤔😰🤭

Until next time, only this can be interpreted to suggest, kindly put on with some light color jacket on the white trek trousers, so neck and head with some fairness of smile and complexion be in camera and please do not stand next time facing the worshipped tree, instead imagine facing to worship camera; while the mobile camera gets disabled to catch multi color style of the no head portrait with multi brain ideas and picture🐇🐰🤔🙏🙏

Jayshree Singh

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