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Fragmented Mortals in Grace of the Testament

Mostly and in general we - as humans have that faith like Parsifal in our own conformation to achieve the target of our quest — which in appearance seems real, but it is as tough as felt by #Parsifal** who was a young man, a “pure fool”, an innocent, good man who slowly started to understand the world. To retain and to hold “The Holy Grail” is as hard as the austerity and crucifixion that tested Lord Jesus Christ though being so greatly divine and holy — it is supposed that the Last Supper of the Lord Divine Jesus had been in the same Holy Grail (miraculous goblet — an unattainable goal).

(In medieval legend the cup or platter used by Christ at the Last Supper, and in which Joseph of Arimathea received Christ’s blood at the Cross. Quests for it undertaken by medieval knights are described in versions of the Arthurian legends written from the early 13th century onward)

File:Disegno per copertina di libretto, disegno di Peter Hoffer per Parsifal (s.d.) - Archivio Storico Ricordi

The spiritual quest of the gentle and pure Parsifal to let the parched land of infertility and sterility to be freed from impotency, is similar in one way or the other in all histories of every age; consequently every other human searches for a super-human figure in an incarnation of a human out of many human beings to let the pain and anguish be not the merciless killer consuming all, as if everyone whosoever existed as an earthly being is UNSUSTAINABLE as being mere mortals; for manifestation of pain and anguish actually in their abstract formations symbolize phenomenon — as if all living beings ( especially humans) on earth are subjected to remain perpetually in mortal state as sufferers either for their sins, or victims to sinful sinning or as the perpetrators victimizing the sinned or the innocent people or their internal impinged, impaired indulgence in some heresies, that act in disguise to let their own self, fallen in disgust and revenge. Then who is to be their saviour — for centuries worshipped ideal heroes have been in some way the guards and guardians of such insecurities that bereft human psychedelics to understand that it is their inner courage, their dare, their willpower, their sense of self-actualisation have been majorly instrumental in saving them from their desperate quest, pursuit and passion to lead life of peace and prosperity. Their self-belief embedded in their enabled self-help, self- enhancement often leave them in a suspension of disbelief, that there can and could exist any other power than they themselves who are actual creators of their worthwhile existence and existing possibilities. Their determination often has led them into a common skepticism, that it is their faith, in their own karma, is the saviour of the ecology and its sustainability. Often such common sense seems to be a relief to realise the day to day conditions of means and ends; yet then why being ‘human' for human beings a different goal than being ‘not human' — it is because when humans' sense of humanity turns into a depressing depravity and cause

reversals in their fortunes, they realize that somewhere their inherent link with the Infinity - that is their own inner realm, that sustains the Mahakaal’s voice, has been in oblivion. Their ignoble ignorance obviously finds self-faith hearing two voices — one that consciously relates their self-realisation with the world in which they have their niche, and the other that unconsciously detaches their self-realisation with the actual super-human consistency in accordance with supernatural ecological truth. Their pleasure versus creative urges gets in question by their own sense of awakenings for humanity and for eternal sustainable development. Their forgetfulness and negligence as agencies of their best and worst existential tools distance them physically and mentally from their own being — not realising that they are so called “the replica of MahaKaal’s manifestation” — that is they are the processors of Infinity, they are Souls of energy to energise the universe of their self-conformation to understand their ultimate connection with the supreme energy, in order to hold the Holy Grail which is just like the MahaKaal’s heaviest Divine Bow that could only one super-human Lord Raam — the king of Ayodhya - in an incarnation of an earthly being could lift — the reason only is — all humans though full of energy of SUPER-DIVINE, yet they commonly release the same disillusioned commonality in common existing illusions of misconception, misinterpretation and misunderstandings both to satisfy their notions of duality in lfe and to continue that same legacy as progenitors.

The Three Wands and the Truth of Da Da Da

Hence the world till date finds many as the replica of Mahakaal — the infinite guardian of their contentious INSECURITIES. Till date the re-visualization of existing scriptures in the world narrate that there were only a few illustrious SUPER-DIVINES who could worldwide illuminate the entrapped beings either in their own devilry or in the diabolical dread imposed by devils in the skeptical reasons of what cannot be right or what cannot be wrong.

Time brings reformation and TRANSFORMATIONS - that is why Mahakaal (The Infinity)is often understood bound with Time - Relativity and Humans are bound with the Time - Gravity😌

Both nature and supernatural although indispensable to each other, yet they are separate in their vicious cycle🔃

🦉whatever apt at that moment is not apt now and whatever is apt now will find its new wavelengths later. 🦉

The human- mind 😏as per EQ, PQs works infinitesimal as per the Time - Binding phases. The individuals find gaps in every phase as an #intelligent #human - subsequently there is occurrence of conflicts, choices and changes - even at times it is the major factor of WARS too.

In such situations the 💪❤Mahakaal (the Infinite Ecology) balances ephemeral and eternal conditions of environmental ecology.

Fisher King myth


  1. The Fisher King is a figure in Arthurian legend, the last in a long line of British kings tasked with guarding the Holy Grail. The Fisher King is both the protector and physical embodiment of his lands, but a wound renders him impotent and his kingdom barren.
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4.In the Waste Land, datta means "to give in charity," damyata means "be compassionate," and dayadvam means "self-control." These terms are alluded to in lines 396-400 in the sound of the thunder as "DA DA DA."

5.In the Hindu religious text Mahakala is regarded as the ultimate form of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of all elements. It is believed that there is nothing beyond him, no elements, no dimensions not even time. That is why he is called 'Maha' meaning greater than time or 'Kaal' Kaal is also known as (time or death).

The Divine Bow and its Unwavering Purpose

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