Jayshree Singh
Sep 21, 2023


When I found a brave long lost crazy unexpected comrade
I felt that Heaven’s Angels have spared for me that comrade
Once I wished! had that been my only last but the best comrade
The wish like the bright colors dressed my thoughts to be with comrade
The flowers' inherent colors draw the love-lorn unaware lost comrade
The coloured insight charmed with shades welcomed the call of comrade
The spell-bound sight holding the fragile fragrance lived the goodness of comrade.
While I thought to step out of my deep brooding
My blithe spirit sought to feel the Sunshine rising
No sooner than my eyes cast their glance all around
A surprise that the spectrum of colors spread all round
My calm fresh mind seemed connected to the flowers' call
No sooner than my insight seemed answering to the colors' call.

Jayshree Singh

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