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Super Spooky Kid — Ganesha

Art Lovers and Environmental Aesthetics

A notice to us all in group to be present in class for clay modelling. Lots of ideas in mind occur what to get from market, that could be the best and quick in presentation for clay modelling. Oh then as it has been a holy occasion of many ritualistic festivities going on — reminded me of Durga the supremely

Powered, whose another incarnated replica is known amongst devotees as Goddess Parvati, her image struck to my mind. Should I get that a readymade one and to color it or should I get clay and other ingredients to frame an edifice of big Durga, the ally of Parvati Godess? Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a poster hanging in the vendor’s shop selling terracotta and the MOELA-CLAY artefacts. Curiosity turned into an excitement, if I too mould the clay in the portrait of a little Ganesha, my luck too will soar to heights , just as the little Ganesha’s mother Goddess Parvati’s fantasy in ecstasy of love for Lord Shiva let her in a deluge of muddling her hands in sand, which she unknowingly formed into a shape of a kid and she named that subjective image as “Ganesha” symbolic of her devotion to Lord Shiva. A wonderful imagery let my fanciful imagination float in searching such clay that could enable me to create that same little idol — a resemblance of that holy lovely Ganesha — actually it was simply a thought to assimilate my orientation and participation in clay-modelling task, rather it was much more to capture my idea of adoration and mystical attraction for Ganesha. So the next day in class as assigned to us to do video-recordings of the whole process of making, shaping and creating the object from the clay. Basically the task of moulding shapes out of the clay was in view of unleashing creativity while being amidst nature and understanding the formations of inanimate out of the animate resources of nature. But some students who were skeptical about using clay for modelling idol, bought the raw moulds of asbestos, as it is much easier and quick to be shaped and if decorated with oil-painting, the shining of the paint is much better than on the clay-modelled object. So the spooky kid Ganesha among students participating in clay-modelling exam started to come in variety of shapes, some even thought to sell after they would finish with their exhibits. The spooky naughty, but ardently devoted intelligent little Ganesha as right in the imagination of the Parvati Goddess as mentioned in the holy scripture known as

‘Shiv Purana’, here too inadvertently in class of students, the spooky image of little Ganesha sensationalised his presence piously, but the auspicious enchantment of his presence in clay or asbestos shape could not resist the temptation of students to let these formations to be exhibited in market for sale as soon as possible. As per their ghostly temptation of being the promising entrepreneurs, the students sold their exhibits, suddenly the knowledge about the material used in clay-modelling got its mongering-spurt. Some buyers who were theists, they just immersed and got lost in listening to students' experiences of the creative process and imitation; while some atheists preferred to find a flaw not in the real holistic idol of little Ganesha, but in causing a row about not valuing human health safety concerns, and reproachfully viewing the whole thing in controversial sense, felt it was rather in the guise of participation in ritualistic festivities, students have been prompted to use any sort of material to create shapes. As usual the supervisors who were involved in conducting the value-added skill-enhancement activity got furious knowing about some unexpected paranoia happening regarding the material used in clay-modelling. Again like as little Ganesha acted with his spooky mind when Goddess Parvati gave life to her imagined kid sculpture, subsequently as a guard to Goddess Parvati — his dear mother — he did not allow allow Lord Shiva to enter in her chamber for she instructed her kid Ganesha not to let anyone enter until she comes out — the furious Shiva beheaded little Ganesha, but then on pleading of all Lord Shiva’ Ganns

and the dearly consort Goddess Parvati’s prayers melted the heart of Lord Shiv, who finally place on the beheaded body of little Ganesha the elephant’s face ( the elephant the great devotee of Lord Shiv redeemed gloriously in this way by Almighty).

Similarly when atheists’ atheistic objections were sustained on the used material for clay-modelling especially *Asbestos* — it seemed the instructor of students had only two choices — either to crush the idols to save their skins from being penalised for not providing right environmental science knowledge to students or to puncture the chaos of atheists whose presence interrupted the cultural festive sense and this could only be possible, if interfering atheists be driven away by some merciless stone-pelters. I, who was then in some corner, a witness to whole situation in complete aghast as whom to blame — the supervisors, the market, the curriculum, the students or the material advancement or the fast-paced creative ideas with no knowledge of its effects on environment or to human health. Coincidentally my imagined little idol of Ganesha as it was unique and exquisite for it was colorfully and artistically painted and not for sale — earned credits for not only being declared as the master -piece of art and to be acknowledged as for idol-worship on auspicious events of the college, but also as it was not for sale — so got saved from all theists and atheists evaluations and found its place everlastingly with the title “A Spooky Little Ganesha” who saved all with his lucky-charm.

That’s what life-like sculptures of the super spooky kid — “Ganesha” very relevantly passed on the message to unaware humans, who love adoringly Ganesha for his well-known auspices, but unknowingly do not know the first inanimate creation shaped by Goddess Parvati has eternally been the role-model not only as a little kid with utter devotion to his parents, who could allure the hearts of his parents with his witty wisdom, but he was also one of the first life-like animate creation out of clay-modelling by the Goddess known as Prakriti or Nature.😇

Indeed art lovers are never theists or atheists, yet the art lovers can be ENVIRONMENTALISTS (who do such objections are termed as heathens, instead of being known as environmentalists, especially by ART-LOVERS who when busy in some creativity).

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