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May the light of Apollo profusely build my confidence! May the power of Zeus be my mental strength!

May the glow of Shining Morning Star be my mentor!

May the Divine Sun be the glory of my work!

May the Indian Sun be My Lifeline!

May the Western Sun be my Helpline!

May the Sun with its Sunshine be my Dreamer!

Bright blaze of summers, scorching gaze of Indian Sun
Frenzied my desire for searching the maze of Western Sun
Ardently replenished the wish of the other corner
Dolefully inquired the glancing onlooker
Would I be one of the blessed hunters?

The maturing Sun became my dreamer
I wish he had been my Savior
My dream then would have life-direction
I pleaded to be divinely guided for my action
Would any hidden clue spark my ambition?

The day came when I boarded the plane
To travel in the unknown space of Spain
On reaching I searched faces of my strain
There was no outlandish between me and them
Reception delayed but given healthy welcome
Would I hesitate to mingle among them?

I found my being bridged with ease the connection
Perhaps it was the omnipresent waves of human relation
Did not let me miss inter-personal attention
The dry landscape down the plane
Showed familiarity with my country’s plain
Would my life match with their life?

Difference of language and colour
Similarity in blood and senses
Disparity in image and claim
Similarity in goal and consensus
Diversity in options and aim
Would they agree with my mind frame?

I said my country’s women envision
The world to be open for this vision
Vexations occurred over the context of feminity
Expressions got troubled over women’s image sanctity
Resilience transformed into building of self -capacity
Would such awakening in my life add more excursions?

There was botheration opposing resolution
Amidst submission aroused liberation
Returned to my land with new determination
Enabled to focus my keen inclination
The memory of the previous trip resurrects
Would it continue its rejuvenating impact?

Again and again my dreamy eyes capture the glare
My primary rein revive my dashing flare
The instincts drive me to stake my vigor with dare
The Indian summer coins my courage
To embark upon another voyage
Would fate stand not in my rage?

Bless all mankind and womankind with the sense of blithe spirit and blissful humanity! Just as the rays of Sunbeam cross all boundaries although its being a stationary object, in the same way the life of mine in its journey has traversed the time and space with the determinate spirit to go across the limits of inherited aura bestowed by my parents and mentors that have blessed me till date. At the core my heart awaits every day for the morning ray of hope to bless me with life, make me feel that till date I am unripe, yet to seek more wisdom from the birth of Sun-rays of every day’s early morning.

Sunshine building capacity:

The moment Sun attempts to move toward west to set, indeed my heart thumps and counts its beats with the moment of Sun’s speed of setting down. Realizing the approaching Sunset, I start feeling how I spent the day! What best I could do! Where I missed to track the God’s gift to keep my day better or best! Like an evening star it manifests my capacity how much strength and speed I borrowed from the superstar Morning Sun. It invisibly as a mentor give me my report of ups and down throughout the day, my miss and falls to understand the gift of Sunshine. But most visibly it lets me to wake with awakening to make me fruitful, possible and mobile to outreach to things and tasks which the Sunshine has left for me knowingly or unknowingly.

Inspiring Sunshine:

To immortalize my tribute to the worthy Sunshine , I wish to get back to one of my memory lanes that reveals how the power of Sunshine unleashes my inner strength to grow multi-dimensional.

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