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Jayshree Singh
4 min readJul 6, 2024


Resourceful AI and Memory

Linger on to a Hook -

Have you ever thought why parents narrate stories of their self, or of their ancestors glory or of their nation’s stalwarts, luminaries, great leaders or of some DOWN-TRODDEN heroic person who in the worst of adversity lived a heroic like alike those who might not being in privileged class but still not even in worse off conditions yet made their destiny with little things that they attempted to do as the best in whatever circumstances or in given tasks??
The stories that our parents narrate to us they are like verbal-culture aids spoken through the human library resources, speaking tree kind, giving tips as we grow and grow in front of their eyes, with innumerable anecdotes, with enormous times a repetitive patterns to let us memorise so we get the crux of the lives of the past heroes to make our present as the best.

Stepping on a Stone-hard Mind -

The stories actually lay a foundation stone first in the subconscious mind to let it remain dormant until a spurt of a situation arises an emergency for self- growth first. Indeed one’s superconscious mind is very cooperative to create sensibility in consequence of the morality principles that had somewhere in the memory being foregrounded the pattern of tactical behavior. And that salient feature is the best part of listening skills developed in childhood through story-telling and building intrinsic skills of SELF-MOTIVATION even when one is an employee or a mere worker or a layman that listens to the situations, cares for the situations happening in social milieu or in company or in family or nation. Instinctive urge to get across the bar is the promotional urge in hardships.

The focus of a refuge -

The memories are like SCHOLAR’s refuge in the nest of his consciousness. When the same gets a push it takes its position in command as if so long had been in waiting to take charge of the situation just like a men-in -action in the plot of the story is made to do at the response of the circumstances with responsibility. Here goes the first command to oneself "hey! What are YOU upto! " "Don’t you have your ownership on your brain to use your energy, besides investment of the same in other’s target’s! " "Yes, then think how invested energies can be an organic whole!" "Lest it should waste 24 hrs, spare a few of the hours to get space for something that can be an additional tool to equip the self and the other’s investment"! It means stories of past and present be in glory to make future.

Ecstasy makes sense -

How does the plot structure in a story actually work? Indeed every tale has its start, may call it in an entrepreneurial sense an upstart, in a life journey of SELF-INDEPENDENCE an amateur attempting to set a foot forth to walk not in but to tread on something where counseling matters, but not taking orders a pathway to create a casuality of an output. So the Me-space beginning gets ahead with either a travesty of a snail’s pace or a focus of a tortoise’s lens or through a rabbit’s acumen a passion to reach the targets. Similarly like the plot of story the journey of life especially when in business or as a worker in company adapts or adopts; follows or chase; stakes or sticks to a pattern as to catch up with the self-actualisation both in world and in Me-space.

The climax and purpose —

Often listening to stories, or telling stories both play a role in finding some purposes to one’s own mission and vision. Being always as creative sequence of memory, inspire to create one’s own journey of inspiration to let it be a memory for others to make future. Suppose a soldier in military is not just a workforce, but a great force to energize self and the troop. If the same soldier is in greenland his objective is in person to gather the best visuals to later relish; but if he is in battleground the same soldier gathers his whole energy to save his cherished greenland memory and image, by staking all that he attained while his being when in bliss. The men-in-action is same, only the target gets different, although in love with his motherland.

Living with DNA OF Energy _

Why one wants to cherish parents' loving MEMORIES as if always they had been present to speak in whispers Or in silence or sometimes even remains in oblivion? Reason is the DNA of energy lives through memories that got into subconscious mind through some pattern, some flow of sound that says "arise, awake, arise", perhaps to remind the unfulfilled dreams or gaps left in ancestral growth. So we can say our DNA is a part of a team, continually keeps itself **young** to continue networks so build one’s stories, organizations' stories, so to never establish the fact that anything gets **old**, all times are modern to excel, expand and extend the frontiers and fields to complete the vicious cycle of growth and development. Live as if to Last not for forever.


Building one’s resume is to read not one’s mind what cannot be done, but to read autobiography or biographical accounts to set a pattern of self-paced, self-propelled for self-emancipation so not to remain trapped simply in stories of rumour- mongering or mouth-spreading whistleblowers. Last but the least ancestral voices matter a lot to make or mar your targets, so live to make one’s own stories to make future better for all and one.



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