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Key Points-

*Historic contention, *generational gap, *cultural baggage, *social milieu and cross-gender dimensions

As an outsider from the gender lens point of view a radical feminist especially when is perceived or imagined as women extending her gaze to men — question is — Is she offending men? Is she defending women? Or Is she building another make-shift world of collective unconsciousness towards her own group of gender to which she belongs? Here the biggest gap that has been mostly filled by men’s response to women’s perception and defense system viz -a- viz her survival methodology. The aberration indeed is not normal, but considering it as abnormal is also not that acceptable to a woman whose subversive modus operandi perhaps justify her scale of rationality in switching to modernity which appears as if defying men, envying women or woman at the same time. In consequence to such reactionary lens of women or of a woman, many of the traditional Orthodox lens of men finds such radical feminist as if blaming patriarchy, while the same radical Orthodox women considering it as shaming the paradigm of patriarchy to justify that patriarchy is responsible for all chaos in relationship matters — which on the one hand seems to hold power while adapting to patriarchal culture, while on the other hand endangering their own gaze to redefine patriarchy.

🍁Feminist Perception and Defense
Unless the take of 😊being feminist😊 is understood - #feminism remains half understood in all context and circumstances - when one is labelled as the feminist - for that concerned person the conflict is not with regard to understand intersectionality, it is more with the value-laden norms that specifies #gender dimension that is more or less a construct that controls the mobility of structures keeping in view the biology and anatomy of a particular gender for a specific condition and conditioning. Hence when defense is stated on being *the feminist* towards the gender-eye, then it naturalises the right of self-existence with certain choice and calibre that needs an acknowledgement. When that emotional dignity question becomes an agency of freedom and existential choice, that shapes a persona a feminist, whose sole sensitivity is centered around empowering and self sufficiency.

While when we consider another take in which the criteria of various other variables #work or interplay with human capital, as human civilization keeps advancing with disabling and enabling capacity in monetary and techno matters, ☺the notion of to be the feminist😌 also undergoes slow progression, because each generation need to review and revise the concept of feminism so to be in the category of to be the feminist (generally conflict tends to occur then in being the feminist and to be the feminist), because it is not necessary all the time the variables on intersectionality will #help to boost the movement of feminism. Intersectionality variables determine *me space*, demography, time, development, dividends of degradation and upgradation in terms of fiscal and finesse concerning investment in knowledge, technology, information, topography, tangible and intangible growth of the source target in action and of action - that is gender-construction. #development #construction #growth #technology #investment In case the shaming and blaming persist in midst of all these from being to becoming, the tragic flaw becomes dominant to bring doom in the interdependence of intersectionality as well as in shaping the completeness of femaleness, femininity, and feminism. 🤔

Mostly in the feminist male authors’ writings — to readers it appears that women’s take as protagonist is with regard to the fact that they are damn serious about their innate sense of womanhood, their guilt of being victimised is their retribution or penance, but it is not a way to redemption or resurgence, rather a pitfall in their destiny. While the same male authors when projecting men or man as protagonist seem to be in an enquiring state viz-a-viz the agency of gender-balance despite being in the state of insatiety and discontentment themselves. Subsequently as readers or viewers it is an assumed expectation that women protagonists are much likeable if they are bearing quality of endurance, resilience and acceptance, although not into much subservience. For example the novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays very much uprising, awakened women who often appeared confronting outside world, subsequent to that facing unnecessary consequences or other issues — this is another worldly way of the myth in relation to the tainted status of women who undergo trial of pain and ordeal to prove their worth, but how many succeed, that also quite depends upon how the feminist men or the man comes forward to extend support, because if a woman voices a protest, definitely repercussions seem endangerment of patriarchy, and if a woman is voiceless, may be strategic or not, then too it is in a way engendering many more patterns of wrongs both by herself or by those whom she faced wrong. Such slow progression if turns up as a feedback till date, there exists still fragile zone in the world of feminism — which is still at par to find oscillation between reality principle of expectations of others from them and pleasure principle of their own expectations for their own self-esteem or enhancement.

🍁Feminism — Culture and Eugenics

Basically Jane Austen’s novels extend the proposition - "Feminism enables eugenics?" "While Daniel Defoe’s novel do convey "What craziness is that? " SO WHAT’S THE ISSUE??? only a generational gap difference of reviewing and revising feminism.

Suppose we check on the Males as authors of British culture the feminist, leave aside John Donne he will never agree to disagree that "Feminism enabling eugenics?" Even the same with Lord Byron, then T. S. Eliot all in their own way found some craziness in females' feminism to profane eugenics.
But when we delve deeply in the novelists' perspective from British culture point of view they have been very sympathetically, aesthetically and psychologically one after the other irrespective of the generation gap of their period of existence referring about the "What craziness is that?" "Male Chauvinism disabling eugenics, because Feminism enabling eugenics? "

So the defense is not at all wrong, only point is --- protest is an attempt to understand the question of Feminism in context of the constitutional rights to "eugenics proprietary enablement" or the feminists' controversy over "the right to the property of eugenics in disabling/enabling feminism".😇😇😇 #feminism #property #culture

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