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3 min readFeb 19, 2024

Oh! The Sweetheart😁Cheese

Cheese in the Inbox

Your soft creamy layer so subtle to slip the touch, so supple to let the touch be not slippery, so salty smoothie you are on surface, so shine the glow u bear, the clean balmy like coil you are draped in, if fingers dip into your cool slither charming layer the taste of your visual in itself so savoury, the tastier the tongue’s appetite greedily look for the long palate gripping the bite with out losing an ounce from your salty sweet catch up size that leaves heart so parched to grapple the full brick into the mouth without hesitation, then how might the morsel of lovely relishing cheese will find itself escaping taste-buds that already struggles with the cavity and ridge not to get into any alluring alliance lest the bon appetite of cheese gets somewhere stuck, without the fear of being in grab of the senses that craves hungrily for the cheese to garnish their starve-prone mouth to chew cheese, which is actually not the character of cheese, yet its making so that more the attempts to use teeth to bite it, the more grounded its sweet and sour coting and skip the adrenaline sides of cheese, and more there is tongue-twisting roller coaster glides to overcome the slice that can accomodate of course the whole mouthful of cheese, but what it cannot get over in its grip the amazing delicious delicacy of the soft cheese that just not prefer to stay in the mouth for a while, rather in its pride takes its stride down to the sloppy tongue through the dark pass away of glottis without letting its touch felt to any corners, check its way down into passage of oesophagus as if hates all sensitivities of the organic whole, only wishes to cater to the abstract heartful taste buds, lurking to some thoughtless trek that is — if it somewhere bounces inside the organs to tell how tasty it is oftentimes, but alas its slithering slimy surface just slip and emanates a sense as, if being gulped, swallowed and disappears in the track so disappointingly that even if it wants to be alert to its digestive state, it will leave the hungry gushing for more of its impactful taste. Oh my salty sweet cheese you and your self-contained love is always under crush of the thrash, yet your courageous instinct saves you always from being away from thrashers’ chaff that seem to separate your organic taste by putting you in the shredder to let people not gulp you, rather like shredded cheese be in the garnished sandwiches.

The mystical panorama of salty sweet cheese if consumed solo, lives its glory, but when it shares its place with something other than that its taste as an ingredient, rather it exists to satiate the state of its instinctive originality. The love for cheese is oftentimes felt as a grimy ritualistic discomfiture , especially when a chef leaves the preparation without adding its flavour.

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