Jayshree Singh
2 min readSep 17, 2022



Finding the ray of love in heart is like receiving the glare of light 💡sparkling one’s conscious senses as if the world in its consciousness with its beautiful creation of nature’a objects gets lighted and the reflection of such beauteous forms in the sunshine brings back to beholders' eye a ❤smile to relish the ❤💞moments, which forever and forevermore increases and spreads its beams in all cells, in all veins, in all sensations, in all realms of body, such cherishing healing moments are like colorful flowers refreshing the melancholia, just as moonlight intensifies the ❤💞forgetfulness of the worldly hues and cries, similarly the fancies in love for someone lifts the spirit to find the other spirit living in its best beauteous form, wherever in the world to be the sharer of that ray of love that’s with its echo resonates the music 🎶🎶and strains of living life with the destiny of ❤love, which is in itself a profane sacred unpremeditated spontaneous glance and expression of perpetuity to float in the world of brightly lit stars, appearing day by day counting the limit of unlimited expanse of notes of love in the glowing of stars ⭐⭐, signalling the inseparable zones of unending attraction, in which even the Divine Soul the invisible invincible and indefatigable light of consciousness can not remain spared or detached from feeling the aura of love and its flame, forming a circle of puff of clouds of pangs of love overcasting all around the contours of the affected lovers' bodies, that soars in pain and bliss just like the flickering ambers in furnace enjoying the breeze either to be in intense agony or to get cool to rest in strains of infinite intense agonized love, which does not speak, but rises up in the sky with the volume of air to spread its affect of its fragrance and fervent passion far and wide, ironically enlightening the prism of glass with all its strength to hold the most fragile emotion of love at one moment, but on the other side capturing the ray of love in the prism of glass with all its sacrilege of emotions for love ❤, both ends implicate unbreakable indispensable voices in understanding the fact that retaining the love in the prism of glass requires a thread of infinite connection of light and power to hold the realms of love.

Jayshree Singh

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