Jayshree Singh
2 min readOct 23, 2022




Dear Shivakshi, the bold feelings that you have emanated is something only that you have shared is indeed a matter of "awakening" in all of us.

I remember two very prominent literary narratives that talk about shame and anger - one is Toni Morrison's Bluest Eye and the other Amrita Pritam's Pinjar. We have always understood or realised the same subconscious aggression from the voice of the author, experienced and redeemed by characters.

Yours direct voice that I am experiencing speaks of anger and resurgence, to spread the fact on face value of sympathisers, that the biggest enemy and the most intelligent organ is Mind, if it is within one's control, one can cross any damn abuse, and will let the world know this precarity needs urgent attention to save others.

YOU have so WONDERFULLY ORGANIZED that you have made the world go round and round telling them to understand the difference that victimhood and victimisation are both diseases of mankind,.
To overcome the sense of being ashamed, it is better to find cope up strategy.

"Shame" has no place, instead "Strength of Mind " is instrumental to heal the wounds of oneself and of many who can be saved.

Hope Your Voice has given many a sense not to be voiceless, because being voiceless means killing the instinct of survival of the fittest.

Jayshree Singh

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