Jayshree Singh
3 min readNov 17, 2022




Have you ever felt people double-crossing you through a methodology of scoop and poop? How does double — crossing appear as a psychological jest, especially when the victim in a state of underprivileged or unprivileged or in an unprecedented state, inadvertently, unknowingly often surrenders all self-powers, charisma, calibre, hard work, fate, and lifelines to let others enjoy that; for those power-pack dons, for whom somebody’s subservience, philosophical spirituality and self-withdrawal become a resource; how one’s known vulnerability susceptible to verbal ill-communication by way of damaging information opens up for others a scope for fulfilling diabolic dreams, dystopian aims. The satire lies in the situation, that it all happens without letting the industrious source person know about the intent.

The question of curiosity could be a reason — how all this has been a prerogative only for a privileged one, and why not the merits of the unprivileged are unprecedentedly in recognition.

In consequence of causing misunderstanding and attempting to dismantle, the privileged in mask let the double-crossed victim feel always instinctively to let go the things out of his or her hands, as if to be as it is, not to entertain oneself with negative ideas, not to prolong the bad mood, not to linger on to dejection.

The consoling heart to heart advice further extends to understanding not to criss-cross someone else fabricated constant ideas of deception in disguise as those are matters related to the post of admin or position, which all knows how at times by way of hook or crook held by those who have an expertise in bullying, chiselling with finesse and with sharp steps their political manoeuvre from the day they have learnt to be the explosive dynamites, noxious parasites to thrive on the straight simple double-crossed victim, who is damn unaware often with the sabotaging scavenging deceits.


The devilish deceptions as eagle hawks sit on the perches with their ghostly pouncing wishes with a variety of skin toning creams and facial cleaning scrubs to wash their dirty deeds in playing games through double-crossing strategies. How come such ostensible actions are not ubiquitous? How come do not such desperate maligned designs catch attention? The point is these are not shams. These are acceptable bombastic patterns for finding panaches after building up pancakes with false ingredients or selling fraudulent pancakes showing receptive, that allure the fancy minds with the rising scandalous ✨🤤💭✨🤤💭fantasy through flattery, rumour mongering, so to enrich one’s realm with scaremongering, so that to extend one’s realm with the followers of scaremongering, so that the players of double - crossing can be the hegemonic influencers on vulnerable being who is being deceptively double - crossed to camouflage the truth of the post-truth.


Should we not dare to pick the situations like - "What happens if "time and again we have scooped our rivals with the top stories and pictures" - so we too make a bad day with a rare adventure, so to get clear the fact on face - " What is not called sham".🤯

Jayshree Singh

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