Jayshree Singh
1 min readJun 29, 2023



Falcons are cosmic in their implied counters, the more they pay, the cosmic retrieves to get its repayment.

Had the unripe minds dare not chase
Had the laurels not the worldly craze
Had the fishy eyes withdrawn their gaze
Falcon had longed their flights to raise
Falcons had weaved their nest to praise
Falcon had left their sores behind in maze
Had the skies not filled with soot
Had the wings not struck with sky-rocketing loot
Had their flights not target of shoot
Falcon had coexisted in pastures to graze
Falcon had cohabited skies as usual like sage
Falcon had sourced protection to lands as usual with their love of hermitage #like #love

Had the Angels that love Falcons in High Skies knew down below the blues of Earth, they would never have sung songs of spring and colors of life.

The truth that mortals always hide to Gods, the truth that Angels had overlooked about Falcons - I think the Supreme Divine needs Laws revised for Angels.🤔

Jayshree Singh

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