Jayshree Singh
1 min readNov 8, 2022


I saw a bird fluttering at my window
Finding a way with its awe to let it go
I set the lens of mobile next to my window
Finding me with its little eyes to say hello

It throbbed my heart beat
should I let it not get back to fly
Should I let it not say to me goodbye
It enthralled my heart beat

The bird seemed in illusion
I got arrested in its vision
The bird seemed in fusion
I derived some allusion

A year passed with its image in my camera
A year I cherished its image in my camera

Holding its quest in my heart💕
Withholding my quest in its heart💕


How life in love becomes more than an animate being — when journey of life abruptly loves to seek hearts that burns the pain in smoke, when relishes pain in victorious feats, when frees Self from confined realms , when the story of life builds wall of broken hope, when the foundations of thought takes flight to do away fear and doubt.


The reaper and the watcher then ✈️fly with their images' imprints!!!

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Jayshree Singh

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