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𝙿𝚎𝚊𝚑𝚎𝚗'𝚜 🫨 🩵🩷🫸🫷🫨 𝙰𝚗𝚡𝚒𝚎𝚝𝚢

The great big a very huge elongated mansion like house with high walls constructed around, but inside parted with line of bordered wall, besides with stepped-down descending as well as ascending roof-top, parted in three terraces from each other, besides one more protruding its face leading towards the high above the sky — the most luscious part of the three segregated long terraces within the encircled girdle of the well-built wall was the presence of gracious lush green high trees refuge, catching-up with their heights the surrounding huge-walls with in-built cemented gauged like window;

Starts from here the times of pristine life of peahen, right in the same times from a scratch the phase of being one of the kids living in the huge bungalow also starts, looking for some life-like beauty to fly past the terrace to break some inner calm, no issue indeed with outer chaos amidst with other kids; yet like a voiceless peahen struggling in adoration to look to peacock’s cry and then fluttering with a big shake all around the immensity of the colorful feathers, leaving less space for peahen to escape except to keep her spell-bound in delusion, whether in charm or in anger; in same way that long await to find some beautiful bird like peacock to check in the terrace with its capacity of short-jumping flights amidst the crew of five kids playing in the self-opted and decided each terrace’s ownership participating with their the open-minded in an open air theatre with their life-like

performances led their first quarter

of their life-span in the care and

nurture of Nature and amidst their kith, and kins;

surprisingly later unknowingly realised that an ubiquitous notification displayed even by the misogyny of peacocks' possessions and its other enemies for the best terrace’s choices to avail better spacious openness for dancing and spreading wings of overbearance and freewill in order to be lured by the best peahen, which is of course an additional choice, and what about the remaining least preferred spaces like the down below-terrace, that is adjacent to high walls obstructing the air and the view from one side except with gauged cemented windows; alas it was for the most wanted nuisance kid or for the forbearing mother of the kids or for the peacock whose unassuming life-skills best impressed the kids!

Indeed that part of the terrace was the best as it has the space for a peacock to take a quick short flight, but its favourite peahen is still doubtful of its possession and her safety, for maybe being cornered. Just peahen’s anxiety finding no me-space outlet whether in possession of the cornered possession of peacock for a long portion of the parted terrace, or her being shy to get to the best secured position and possession along with the bravest of all brave peacocks; it happened so, why, because three parted long terraces along with the fourth roof — top terrace used to be a warring zone for many of the peacocks perched on Neem trees growing high with their legacy of more than 150years old age and quite close their zenith for peacocks to fly over to the terraces and to mark their age-old property rights which when into extended zone if the peahen got merged or adapted to other’s life-skills or if the peahen remained aloof or in solitude sanctioning to its peacock the freedom to dance, sing, have a long cry denoting the presence amidst all to signify that it is the bravest of brave to have its own check in proceedures to carry in its legacy on the terraces, of which he is the only possessor, but being liberal extends message of his freewill, so that all peacocks can accomodate with his sovereignty; while one peahen’s anxiety understanding her to be the most nearest in spell-binding charm of the peacock, who is the bravest of the brave, still indecisively lingering on the fact — how the rest of the peahens, who also perhaps the likeable ones, would feel or act upon the choices of all peacocks and of her own chosen 🦚peacock, both in case of the possession of their chosen terrace and the chosen peahen.


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